Wallpaper posting

Several years I have posted wallpapers to Usenet. I made them myself and I also just posted what I made. More of quantity than quality. As it was all automated, why not. As I am less interested in making them, I will explain how I did it. There are several step. Each step will have its own page.

This is a work in progress so come back often, or not. I am not your mom. Understand that I use Linux and all that I do will be done in Linux. I am sure this can be done in Windows or on a Mac. I just have no idea how.

This is also just me explaining how I did it. If you think I did it wrong, that is on you. If you think you can do better, than do not bother me, but do better. I will not be answering any questions and most likely will not correct any errors.

I do this for me, not for you.