Standard, general idea and mods

General Idea

Just building towards phase 4. Building spread all over the map and building form over function, while keeping nature. Be as diverse as possible and look at building styles more than at productivity. Build semi-realistic, with no clipping. See it as Digital Lego. Use mods to enhance the experience, not to make it easier.

Mods That I have installed

Needed ModsNice to have modsUninstalled mods
Halflings Half sized walls
Structural Solution Fences
Item Dispenser Looks and dispense nice
Conveyer Wall Holes because it is missing
Small refineries, because they are small
No World Bounds to build on Paradise Island
Halflings Small lights and signs
Sky UI to take nice screenshots
Mini Chainsaw to cut less
, using F1 – F10
More Swatch Slots for more color
Recipe Maker for those things we do not yet have
Hyper Tunnels to get under the ground nicely
Plant Safe Vehicles to please nature
Finer Foundation Rotation to get that right angle
More Sign
Cable choices for longer cables
Crash Site Beacons to show where they are
Crash Site Vanisher, to clean things up

Standard Iron Ore and Concrete Factory

Made from local materials Iron Ore and Limestone as they are plentiful. The recipe and the image. More info. These are build all over the map. You will need two miners, 13 constructors and 5 smelters and almost 70 MW. From an impure node you can make: 45 concrete, 45 iron rods, 40 iron plates, 30 cable and 20 wire.

Building rules

  • Destruction is an essential part of the game.
  • Build “backwards” with the general idea of Phase 4 having everything in storage.
  • Build a general storage with Phase 4 in mind
  • Have each factory a separate building.
  • Reduce production over building.
  • Use mods, but within reason
  • Possibly no Blueprint usage.
  • As little distraction, so no HUB or Space Elevator unless needed and a clean HUD
  • Play in wussy mode
  • As little destruction as possible
  • Only height is important for the