Future projects

Things to do

  • Delete the Linear Motion mod and item. Build stairs where needed
  • Replace the NTM Square foundations and remove mod
  • Replace the Upside Down foundations and remove mod
  • Make a new smaller Turbo Fuel for the UFO in the Spire coast
  • Decide on the Turbo Fuel Factory. Remove or replace
  • Decide on the fuel factory. Remove or leave
  • Build something in the red jungle before it changes
  • Build something on Paradise Island
  • Redo the storage system and make several storage buildings
  • Rename the trains, planes and automobiles
  • Make a list of factories and sort them per biome and into redo, remove and leave for now
  • Make a list of temporary factories.
  • Have fun
  • Complete the train system
  • Replace longer belts in the Grassy Fields
  • Remove Hypertubes
  • Remove empty belts


  • Make a factory where all belts are inside pillars
  • Make a real building inspired factory. (Schloss Elmau?)
  • Road system between factories