Future projects

Things to do

  • Name and number factories
  • Name and number trucks
  • Have a separate power per factory
  • Plan the Storage filter. (Must wait for programmable splitters)
  • Plan the Storage
  • Place signs for the splitters and belts.
  • Have fun


  • Make a factory where all belts are inside pillars
  • Make a real building inspired factory. (Schloss Elmau?)
  • Road system between factories
  • Clipped light. Put signs through them. Orig
  • End caps on machines Idea from u/HoundLine
  • Building Everything
  • 10 motors for a motor factory using single machines. Lines on the floor with beams. Under floor belts. Overclick each block
  • Place a drone port under the map, so the landing is at the same height as the map.

U8 Things to do

Remove the folowing items from the map:

  • Hard Drives
  • SummerSloops
  • The Other Things