Satisfactory Mods and ToDO (WIP)


Mods used

Least to most important. The 1 point ones I still have, but I would not reinstall if I would start over. 2 points should be in the game. These should not be mods. 3 points are nice to have in the game, but they are fine as mods.

Iron and concrete

Make from local materials. Iron Ore and Limestone are plentiful/ From and impure node you can make:

  • 45 Concrete
  • 40 Iron Plates
  • 20 Wire
  • 30 Cable
  • 45 Iron Rod

The recipe and the image. You will need two miners, 13 constructors and 5 smelters and almost 70 MW.

Tier 7 and Tier 8

Marked one is current WIP

Tier 7 and 8 (Done)

Tier 5 and Tier 6 (Done)