Temporary Factories

For a full usage, you need Mk3 belts for the first part. You will need the Iron Wire Alternative recipe, splitters, two miners, 13 constructors and 5 smelters and almost 70 MW.

The link to the recipe or click image to enlarge.

Made from local materials these factories make going to your base less needed. Impure nodes can be overclocked to give what you need. Iron Ore and Limestone are plentiful all over the map. 

The idea is that these factories are all build temporary with the idea of them being there just for the need of the factory that will be build nearby. Some might be just concrete, others concrete, iron rods, plates, (iron) wire and cable. Once the factory is filled, they stop producing.This can be all placed in a blue printer. That way you could just place it and easily remove it when done.

From U8 on these will get the lowest priority as they are not really needed. A container per item should be enough.

The Ones I build so far

  1. Blue Crater 01 Reddit post and Location
  2. Blue Crater 02 (Iron Only) Reddit Post and Location
  3. Western Dune Forest (Two Lakes) Reddit post and Location
  4. Grass Fields 01 Reddit post and Location
  5. Grass Fields 02 Reddit Post and Location
  6. Grass Fields 03 Reddit post and Location
  7. Grass Fields 04 with transport Reddit Post and Location
  8. Titan Forrest 01 Reddit Post and Location
  9. Dangle Spires 01 Reddit Post and Location
  10. Desert Canyons 01 Reddit Post and Location