Phase 4

The General Idea

Most of the items will be already made. The items that are made are called “Basic Items”. These basic items will be stored in a specific location near the yet to be placed location for the Space Elevator. All items, except the Copper Powder, will be send in by a mixed drone. The items will be placed in the correct amount of containers. The Recipes to be used. Numbers are to be taklen times 1 000.

The amounts needed. Items with an * are already being made.

(Red is End Item)
of items
% Done
Assembly Directory System4 00050 4 (3.333)0Assambler160
Super Computers4 000504 (3.333)0
Adaptive Control Units*1000501 (0.833)0
Magnetic Field Generator4 000504 (3.33)0Manufacturer120
Versatile Framework*10 000509 (8.333)0
Electromagnetic Control Rod*4 0001002 (1.667)0
Battery 20 0002005 (4.167)0
Nuclear Pasta1000501 (0.833)0Part. Accelerator60
Copper Powder200 00050017 (16.667)110
Pressure Conversion Cube1 000501 (0.833)0
Thermal Propulsion Rocket1 000501 (0.833)0Manufacturer30
Cooling System3 0001002 (1.25)0
Modular Engine 2 500503 (2.083)0
Turbo Motor1 000501 (0.833)0
Fused Modular Frame1 000501 (0.833)0

A 4 story build will be made as large as possible to get Mk5 belts running. Several Mk5 belts will be there for Copper Powder. Only once all the machines are build and all the containers are filled, will the production start. Machine counter.

  1. Best place 20 containers. Each container will go to 3 machines, for the maximum production of 60. ↩︎