Installed Linux. Now what?

You have installed Linux and have no idea where to go from here. First ask yourself “What do I want.”And the you already have a direction.  That will change over time and that is OK. Also understand that learning means makeing errors. A LOT of them. So see that you not only do backups, but restore works.

I am not going to say what you must do, just what I did when I started some 20 years ago. I had no Internet for a long time, because I was unable to make my modem work. So what I did was install it, tried something, break it, re-install. Again and again and again. There is no shame in it.

I sometimes re-installed just to see what the other options would do. Having no clue that meant that I broke things often before the system even worked. I also clicked on every Icon, on every setting, on every tab and menu I could see and changed things. That broke things a lot, so I re-installed. Again.

I then learned that you could do <TAB><TAB> and see all the programs you can run on a terminal, so I tried out many of them. (And broke things. Yep, reinstall.) Then there are the man pages where I found [man hier]( that explained a lot coming from Windows 95.

When you are learning, just click a lot. Run a lot. Break a lot. During that first period there is no real goal. You know nothing. Just like a baby who learns to walk, the goal is not to run a marathon, the goal is not to fall over. Give it time. It will come.