Sources of images

The first to make wallpapers is to have images. There are various places you can get images. You can make them yourself or you can download them. I am talking about images here, not wallpapers. They can be the thousands of cat photo’s you took or the millions of your adorable ugly baby. Or they can be computer generated. As long if it is an image, you can turn it into a wallpaper.

So what are the sources I used in the past? I started with standard images I found with Google. I then started to download them from websites. At one moment I used a “quote of the day” and turned that into wallpapers. At the end I downloaded a lot of ready wallpapers.

At the end most of my wallpapers I got from and from (Yeah, I do not like the new layout.) I have tried to find the other websites I used, but am unable to find them . Deleted all the scripts that contained them.

Another way to get images is through a search engine. You need to see if you can filter by size, so you do not get the other images. I have found Bing to be better than Google as Google does a LOT more censoring. So if you search for Bikini, of at least 1500×2000, in landscape from the last year and a Creative Commons License: This is it

To make it easy, you can select the exact size of your screen. Then no resizing is needed. It is also a great way to locate websites that are interesting for you. Another place is for image search. Just click on Images, and then on Any Size to change the size.

For sizes they use Large as a word, but that was 10 years ago. Now, with 4K, large is medium at most. You also need to thing if the image you want is already the correct size or if it needs resizing. If you have an image in portrait,if the wallpaper needs to be landscape (and visa versa) are you going to cut a part of it or are you going to make it smaller and add to it?

The thing is that there are so many images out there, just look around a bit and download what you want. You can easily delete afterwards, so download more than what you want.

So now you know where to get them: let’s download them