Screen 3

This screen is basically used for the showing of movies and logfiles. Watching movies here means that I will most likely be further away from the screen. I have a second mouse connected that I use for this purpose.

I can launch mplayer via a website, so I can control it with e.g. my Android or via my portable. Using a mouse direct in MPlayer works much faster and nicer.
However now I also run XBMC and when I am a bit away, I do not want to walk two steps back to my desk or try to aim on small icons, so I have placed large icons here as well. Panel 06
The opacity for leave is 0 and enter is 100, so normally I do not see it when I am looking at movies. Perhaps you wonder why I did not add the audio here from screen 1. The reason is that by aiming it in the top-left corner of screen 1, I can not miss it. If I would do the same on screen 3, I have the chance of landing on screen 4, as that is on top of screen 3. Makes it a bit harder.

All that is available is a Workspace Switcher, Launching of XBMC, a terminal and logfiles.

For screen 4, there are basically the same things, but instead of the logfiles, an Audio Mixer is available.
So this is how I use the panels on my XFCE/openSUSE 12.2 system.