Screen 1

This screen has 3 panels. Each with a seperate function.

Panel 01 The first (to the left here) is just one audio mixer. The panel is in the upper left corner and is pretty big. The mode is Horizontal. It is all one row, but the row size is 128 pixels.
I use this one to be able to change the volume even when I am further away from the screen. I will still be able to see where the mouse is, but aiming at anything small will be hard, so a big one is nice to have.
Panel 02 I do not want to look at it all the time, so the Opacity for Leave is 0. So when I leave, you will not see anything. This works better for this then the Automatically show and hide, because then you need to go to the edge and aim more. The purpose is to aim less in this instance.

The second one (to the left here) is a pretty normal one. It has a shortcut to several programs and a workspace switcher. It is in the upperleft corner and is a deskbar with 1 row. Minimal length and auto increase. This makes the screen less cluttert.
From top to bottom you see YaST, which I have changed to run from user, using sudoers. And I run /usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2controlcenter as I perfer that layout. Choice is so important.
I then have the Workspace Switcher with preview.You can see the layout of the three terminals that are open by default.
Then a terminal that I most likely open on Workspace 6 if I do not have enough open.
Next an other audio mixer. This one is closer to where my mouse will be, but harder to aim at.
The last two are a screenshot taker and FileZilla.

The third panel (Below here) again is a single item. I generaly prefer the vertical layout, but (as far as I know) this is not possible for the MPD Client Plugin. For that reason I have placed it at the bottom corner. I have tried to turn the vertical one in a two row portal and then use launchers to do what the buttons are supposed to do. I just like the way it works better. I might be still doing this in the future.
Panel 03 This one I do have as autohide, because I do not want to see it most of the time and I will be close enough to aim my mouse properly.

Some programs will be launched from the second screen. Go there for the next panels.