XFCE Panels

There are many options in using the panels in XFCE. They can be used in differnt ways for differnt purposes. My situation might not be standard in that I have 4 monitors and each monitor fullfills a specific task. I will go through each of these tasks, the panel or panels that belong to that task and the icons and programs on those panels.

The fours monitors have the following functions with each Workspace a specific function:

    Screen 1 : Media Workspaces
  1. RSS and browser. Browser is used as a movie player as well
  2. Torrent client
  3. GMPC music player
  4. 3 terminals of various size with no border
  5. ftp client
  6. Empty from the start. Used for e.g. VirtualBox, YaST and other various programs
    Screen 2 : Working workspace. Used most of the time
  1. Browser
  2. Image viewer
  3. 3 terminals of various size with no border
  4. 3 terminals of various size with no border. One is root.
  5. slrn and reading of emails in mutt
  6. Empty from the start. Used for non standard launched programs.
    Screen 3 : Movie viewing and logfiles
  1. XBMC
  2. Tail of messages and warn, colorized with ccze and running in a full screen terminal
  3. Tail of apache logs. Alos with colors and full screen
  4. MPlayer playing movies launched from browser (mainly from screen 1)
  5. Empty. Used for extra browsers during the making of a new web layout or running various other programs.
  6. Empty
    Screen 4 : Movie viewing (will soon be a 46" or bigger tv)
  1. XBMC if the one on screen 3 is not running
  2. MPlayer. Playes identical movie in UDP slave mode as on screen 3
  3. Empty
  4. Empty
  5. Empty
  6. Empty
  7. Monitor 1 to 3 are next to each other. Monitor 4 is behind me. because of all this, I have made it very specific for me what I use. If you want to experiement with desktop settings, the best you can do is make a test user (be sure the password is just as secure as what you would normally use) and use that. The worst that can happen then is that you need to remove that user and his complete directory and add the test user again. Nothing of value should be lost that way.
    Now on to the individual panels.