TV with tv.be

I have a TV card that I use to watch tv. There are a lot of programs that are used to change the channels. I have looked at many of them and did not find any of then to my taste. Most of them are way to big to be usefull. For that reason I decicded to write my own.

This does not mean they are not good for others. It is just that they did not do what I wanted then to do. Also doing things yourself is fun. At least I think so.

The writing was done in several steps. Each step will be explained in more detail on each page. Do understand that this is a process and not a final situation.

The different steps are:

  1. Changeing channels with a bash script
    The first step was to get changing done by CLI
  2. Using GUI to do the changing of channels
    The next step was to have it in GUI as TV is GUI thing
  3. Using the menu to change channels
    Using a much easier step
  4. The first website with tv.be
    As I use tv.be a lot, why not dio changes via a website? This is where it gets to be interesting
  5. A personalized tv.be with integrated channel changer
    Taking it a step further and have everything integrated. This is devided in several other simple steps.
    1. Getting the site
    2. Changing the layout
    3. Change the links
    4. Insert personalized things
  6. Watching it all happen
Have fun. Select above or start here with the first step.

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