Tomtom and Google

Turning google waypoints (Destinations) into Tomtom ones

All you need to do is go to http://maps.google.com and select "Get Directions". Next you can start adding destinations. You can also drag the destinations around.

You can still drag and then turn each waypoint on Google into a destination by rightclicking on it. Then click on the link (next to the printer) and copy the URL and paste it below.

For now no dragged waypoints. Sorry.

Sample of a bad selection
Sample of a good selection

Just copy the URL from Google below

I made this by adding &output=json to the url. I then retrieved that file.

Unfortunatly Google does not make any standard json. It makes a mess. So instead I use bash commands. I would rather use JSON, but for now the commands I use are grep, sed, awk, bc and join.