Northern Spain

Round trip visiting Galicia in Northern Spain. Each trip will be followed by a two day stay at a single location. Each trip between cities is devided in a morning and afternoon.

When I get home and I have images, I will without a doubt post that here as well. Not that anybody cares. For an example, look at when I went to Italy.

The different days are on a seperate page and they might be updated after the trip.

  • 20 october 2014 : Brussels/Aviles to Oviedo
  • 21 october 2014 : Staying in Oviedo
  • 22 october 2014 : Oviodo to Ponferada to Vigo
  • 23 october 2014 : Staying in Vigo
  • 24 october 2014 : Vigo to Muxia to Lugo
  • 25 october 2014 : Staying in Lugo
  • 26 october 2014 : Lugo to Aviles to Foz
  • Return trip : Foz/Aviles to Brussels
  • The hotels are selected by Booking.com.
    The route was first selected using google maps. It was then imported into Tyre To Travel from the website. I then exported from that program as a Garmin GP eXchange File.
    Next I imported it into Garmin Basecamp so I coult put it on my garmin GPS. Export to my GPS is done by reducing the waypoints to 99.
    After the week traveling, I will also have a family reunion