Check port

This is a place to check if a specific port is open on your server. It only allows to check your OWN server where the connection is being made from. If you need to check othyer places, you need another site to do that.

It also only tests one port at a time. There are many sites out there that are able to do things better with more explanation and more options.

A shorter version is available on http://houghi.org/port.php?p=XX where XX is the portnumber. It will only give open or closed and no other information. Ideal for scripts.

All this is based on http://forum.deluge-torrent.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6085 and can thus be adapted to your liking on your own server.

Please fill out one port number. This will check if the port on the IP adress is open or not. The code for this page can be seen here