How I build a site

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In these few chapters I will explain how to build a site from scratch using the tools available to you. These tools are PHP and CSS. There are some things you need to know first. I can explain how I do it. I can not provide content. I can not give you design ability. Those two things I leave complete up to you.

I will go in greater detail in later on each part of building the website in detail. This is about the process, not about the technicalities. For those there are better sites then mine. Much better ones.

The steps I will follow are explained in more detail below. If you just want to go on with it and do not wabt to read this boring introduction, go this page now. The reason the rest of this page is here is mainly to give you an idea on what such a site could look like. It is not wether you like it or not, it is to make your life easier building a complex website from scratch.

Step one will be first looking at the layout of the site. How do you start with a layout that look like it is made by somebody who knows what he is doing. A good looking site will let the people want to go back an look at your site again, so it is not unimportant. Content is something you already have, so you should pay attention at how you want to represent that content.

The next step will be how to put this all into a form that you feel comfortabel with. You have to make one page that looks great for what you want to achieve. That will be the basic page that you will work with in the future. Your knowledge will change and your taste will change. An explanations will follow on how to easily change the layout at the end.

After that I will describe how to chop it up into smaller parts so you can easily add new pages with real content. You will notice how much easier it is to concentrate on the three most important parts: content, content, content. At the beginning it will be a bit time consuming. At the end you will be able to do much more on content and waste much less on looking at code.

Now click here and get on with it. Most of this was just place filler (more about that later) and have fun.