Making the site

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Once you have the layout of the site, you need some fake content to fill it, together with real content. The real content are the pictures and graphics. Also the colours should be the real ones. This will be the time where you decide on how your site will look like in real life with different browsers. It is, or at least should be, the moment to test it with differnt browsers.

This is now the place to correct your style.css file. To have something to work with, people from the press have used fake layout for centuries. You could do it in a cumbersome way and type a lot of KJHJKKKBJ JKGJGHJGJG JHJHJHGJ JHJHVJ wich never looks like the real thing. To solve this use the Lorem Ipsum website. That will generate some fake paragraphs for you.

At the end you have a great looking page with a lot of Lorem Ipsum content on it. Another file with the CSS in it. It already look a lot cleaner then the same page with the use of tables.

Below there are some grea websites about CSS. You can however just go on to the next page

Great CSS online examples. Good for both learning and reference.
A neat trick with CSS.
Basic layouts to start with. Great to use.
Different layous with the same content all due to CSS. Great for inspiration.