The layout

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I will let you know how I came to make this site and what the process is I go though. The first thing I do is thinking about the layout. Looking at other sites I think were nice or have some real nice features that I like. That goes from a small idea to colours to a whole site or just a concepts that I like. I also looked at thing I do not like or even hate, so I can avoid them in the future.

Once I have an idea in my head I put it on paper. Litteraly. I draw out the main lines on a piece of paper. This first drawing is something I started with and then threw away. It was going to use a fixed background as on this great site. However I had already done something like this, so I wanted to do something else.

I then saw this background and thought it to be a good idea as background and use it also as the basic layout for the site. Actually it is a wallpaper that I rotated 90º and then mirrored.

I chop it up in bits so I know what part will go where as here. I know you think you have the idea in your head. Putting it on paper just makes it a LOT easier to imagine and see flaws. If it is too busy, it won't be good.

When you are a better drawer then I am. Let me rephrase that: As you are a better drawer then me, you can even add colour and so on on the paper and see what it will be like. No matter how good you are on a PC, a piece of paper is a lot faster for rough scetches.

You now have your layout, so on to the making of the site