Italy 2013 Day 6

Going from bellagio to Milan/Malpenza and on to Brussels and then home.

The flight is SN3158.
Check in is at 14:25
Departure is at 15:25
Arrival is at 17:00

Car rental is Ford Ka from BUDGET for 5 days. I need nothing special.

From the airport I will take this route with the following iternerary for Tomtom below. Distance is 160 KM and drivetime 2h33m.

925833|4597836|Viale Domenico Vitali 2 Bellagio, 22021|4|
903649|4581222|Strada Provinciale 17|1|
898087|4580144|Via Cesare Battisti/Strada Provinciale 17|1|
891542|4578566|Viale Como/SS342|1|
883318|4577855|Strada Provinciale della Selvagna|1|
875543|4575481|Via Provinciale|1|
871240|4562721|Malpensa Airport, Ferno, Province of Varese, Italy|3|