Italy 2013 Day 5

Going from Lovere to Bellagio.

The route I will take is this one which will take about 5h55m. I will do it in 2 steps. Morning and afternoon with a stopover for lunch halway. The distance is about 259 KM

1004098|4581236|Viale Dante Alighieri 3 Lovere, 24065|4|
989587|4580390|Via Peia Bassa|1|
983007|4586719|Strada Provinciale 46|1|
967193|4585765|Strada Provinciale 26|1|
966654|4598177|Strada Provinciale 1/SP1|1|
962384|4605212|Unknown road|1|
951038|4615572|Unknown road|1|
941042|4616266|Strada Statale 340dir/SS340dir|1|
932203|4614964|Strada Statale 340dir/SS340dir|1|
926929|4606471|Strada Statale 340dir/SS340dir|1|
923762|4602614|Via Armando Diaz|1|
923894|4599383|Via Statale/SS340|1|
912846|4593355|Via Statale/SS340|1|
927828|4588826|Unknown road|1|
924318|4592937|Unknown road|1|
925331|4595599|Unknown road|1|
925833|4597836|Viale Domenico Vitali 2 Bellagio, 22021|3|

Hotel : Hotel Fioroni

Viale Domenico Vitali 2
Bellagio, 22021
Google Maps Image