Northern Italy

The trip in Northern Italy and Austria. Just driving around for a few days using my GoPro to take some movies. Most will be in Itraly. Part will be in Autria.

Driving in Northern Italy from houghi on Vimeo.

The different days are on a seperate page and they might be updated after the trip.

  • 18 sept 2014 : Brussels/Malpensa to Castione della Presolana
  • 19 sept 2014 : Castione della Presolana to Bolzano
  • 20 sept 2014 : Bolzano to Nauders (Austria)
  • 21 sept 2014 : Nauders to Lovere (Italy)
  • 22 sept 2014 : Lovere to Bellagio
  • 23 sept 2014 : Bellagio to Malpensa/Brussels
  • The route is selected by using Google Maps. The route has then been transfered to Tomtom using my own Google to Tomtom page.
    I first selected the rough routes, so I know how many days I would need. Then I selected a route for each part getting to some end location.
    Using booking.com I selected a hotel by sorting on single room and took one that would fit my requirement.

    The reason for selecting September was weather and not being high season and being able to go outside the busy time.